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Snake Goddess, a modern emblem?

‘Medusa.’ What image comes to mind at the mention of her name? I doubt very much if it is one of renewal and wisdom. The Hellenic myth of Medusa remains as metaphor for all that is wicked and vendictive in … Continue reading

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What might Heraclitus mean by claiming that, ‘We step and we do not step into the same rivers, we are and we are not.’? Discuss as an issue concerning our knowledge and perception of the world.

Introduction Heraclitus was borne from an early age of human enlightenment, at a time when the study of religion and poetry proved simply not enough to satiate a human hunger for knowledge and understanding of nature and existence. Homer’s epics, … Continue reading

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Risk Imagining

Brine spills across the land, sunrays bake the soils (and the souls) dry, and the rains flash across the plains with increasing ferocity. Science has clearly informed us of sea level rises, frequent drought and more energetic storms, predicted with … Continue reading

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