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Circles ~ a poem.

  Circles dissipating on the lake define what it is to be a fish lunging for a brilliant sky, wishing to join others like oneself, in a vast ocean. GinnyB © 2012   ~~~~~~~~~ Advertisements

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Photo by me. The Wye through trees. There are problems with the theory of Rights taking precedence over Responsibilities. Many indigenous people understand this. Rights are merely human constructs, legislatively fixed (when processes are not), but politically vulnerable and impressionable by … Continue reading

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But in one of those ironies…

But in one of those ironies that mock human purposefulness, the harder people try to control wilderness – draining wetlands, burning forests, clearing mountainsides, paving meadows – the wilder the weather becomes. If people are looking for wilderness now, all … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Rock Doves

The first day I moved into our new top-floor flat, a poorly rock dove landed on the balcony, waif-like with feathers broken and missing. His chest was nothing more than a wisp of grey smoke. His eyes were dull, and … Continue reading

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Anger, a strong messenger.

NASA NOAA39’s GOES satellite image   It’s 8 o’clock on Sunday morning and my phone alarm sounds a carefully chosen softly-softly chime to wake me up. I climb out of bed, stumble to my galley kitchen and click on the … Continue reading

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Photo by me. Cortiform (latin bark/pattern) I have been trying to find a single word to describe all the variable characteristic features of bark including colour, texture, pattern/fissure, thickness, density and hardness. I couldn’t find one, so this is my … Continue reading

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Water, microbes, life, climate ~ exploring Fluminism.

  Photo by me. When water pulses through our blood vessels, and through all existence, it branches and converges with an array of forces. By hydrodynamics and changes of state, it braids sky with earth, underworld with ocean. Seven billion … Continue reading

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Mental Distress = Rain Gauge

Self Portrait Despite all effort to break the stigma of mental distress, some still assume some kind of weakness manifest as illness, limp or spent. What naivity! To the contrary, it takes deep fortitude sometimes just to endure each day. … Continue reading

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Photo by me Auranima (latin glimmer/ghost) ~ my latest #inventaword, for when the sun shines on glossy leaves, wet pebbles or corvid feathers, turning them white. When there are many moments of auranima at one time, say in a forest … Continue reading

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The Badger Cull: Backfire Effect and Self Esteem

  There’s palpable desperation from those good people who know that the badger cull is wrong in every sense. People who want to protect badgers need the best arguments to save them from imminent death. Many campaigners against the cull … Continue reading

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